Rewriting My Story: From Dropout to Hopeful Financial Prodigy | by Jordan S. | Jul, 2024

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Like all personal stories, mine has a beginning. My beginning started in the state of Arizona — though, honestly, I wouldn’t call it beautiful with its relentless heat. But my childhood was great from 0 months to 11 years old. It was when I turned 12 that things really started to shift. It’s insane to think about, being so young, but I had an older brother, nine years my senior. He did cool things that I wanted to do, like playing video games and smoked pot. So, at 12 or 13, I started doing those things too, which got me into trouble. I ended up in special ed due to flunking and feeling like I didn’t belong.

Then came high school, where everything went downhill. I dropped out in my sophomore year to play World of Warcraft full-time and smoke pot all day. My parents pushed me into online school, which I thought was awesome because I could stay home and do what I wanted. But I flunked and got my GED instead.

Life continued pretty much the same until I turned 20. Time flies when you have a supportive and loving family, but then you realize life is difficult, and you let time slip by while being coddled. To be fair, I was battling my inner demons with schizophrenia, but no excuses here — I realized life was passing me by.

I was on Social Security disability, spending it every month like it was burning a hole in my pocket, continuing to play video games and waste time. My family and I moved to Denver, which was beautiful with its clean air, clean water, and animals — great for someone suffering deep down. During this time, I had an epiphany. I started watching finance gurus and wealthy people talk about what it meant to be free. Gullible as most young men are, I decided I wanted to study the stock market.

After some time studying in Colorado, I convinced my mom that I was a brilliant stock market entrepreneur. Unfortunately, she gave in and gave me about $3,000 to play around with. I was heavily invested in penny stocks, and for a few days, it went up consistently, capping at around $5,000. I was hooked. I started believing I could actually do this. But like a newbie, I kept averaging up — buying more of a stock as its price increases — until I was over-leveraged at the very top. Then it all came crashing down, leaving me with a $300 balance for about 3–4 months before my mom called it. Big lesson learned there, but it started my journey.

That moment taught me that it is possible to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day — you just need to know what you’re doing. After more studying and moving back to Arizona, I got my associate degree in accounting, hoping to become a stockbroker. Boy, was I wrong. The following years were filled with dead-end jobs — warehouse work, insurance sales, you name it. The only real accounting job I had lasted one month before I got laid off during COVID, which really hurt my confidence.

But during that time, I kept studying the stock market. I became proficient in stock options, dabbled in crypto, day trading futures, and passed a few combines. I studied real estate, side hustles — anything related to being financially set for life, I looked it up.

And that brings me here. I have faith in my background to save as much money as I can in hopefully a short amount of time. I want to share with you all that anything is possible. I’ll be posting weekly updates and screenshots of my portfolios, highlighting the mistakes I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned. Hopefully, you will follow along and learn as I do!

First goal: Save $100.

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