Curing FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) | by Dough Hacker | Jul, 2024

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It’s biological — therefore unavoidable — for us to want to be like everyone else. To ‘capture’ all resources available, for fear of missing out on life, specifically, happiness.

To “be young” by being reckless.

To “be in love” by neglecting yourself.

To “find community” by drowning in the noise of social media.

It’s a pattern we all know too well — because it’s how we, and our ancestors, have survived.

It is all well and good to acknowledge this. However, this means not to accept it.

If we rationalized this pattern, we’d see nothing but a self-consuming habit.


We see ourselves as a means to an end, rather than the opposite.

The easiest way to cure this, albeit bleak, is to recognize that there is nothing “better” than “now” and “here”, that is “then” and “there”.

How many times have we said to ourselves we’d be “at peace” once we reached a milestone?

“After I make X amount of money”, “After I graduate”, “After I solve this one problem”, “after I ‘m no longer sick”..

and how many times after we’ve actually accomplished that milestone have we felt “perfect”?

Did we not just find another thing to desire or hate?

Finding a sense of stability in our imperfect selves is not simply an act of rebellion. It’s what truly protects us from being manipulated by our external world.

Marketing loves insecurity. It loves making everyone somehow think that everyone is missing out on this “big thing”.

When a marketing campaign hinges on FOMO, they are right. We are missing out on something they can offer. However, the full truth is that we are missing out on a multitude of things all the time. We are missing out on a million events, ideas, people and experiences every day, in our sleep.

You were not in pain before you knew so much about the world. That is not because knowledge is “evil”, rather, because you assumed that all provided knowledge was entirely true.

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