How To Make AI Content Sound Human | by Hugo | ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR | Jul, 2024

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Never get caught using AI again!

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Want to get millions of readers to your blog with the help of AI?

Here’s a foolproof strategy to write content that feels human and optimized for readers.

Active voice makes your writing clearer and more engaging.

For instance, instead of saying “The cake was baked by Mary,” say “Mary baked the cake.”

Active voice is direct and easier to read, unlike passive voice, which is often used by beginners and even AI tools. Use tools like Hemingway App to identify and fix passive voice in your writing.

AI can sometimes add unnecessary things, especially when aiming for a target word count.

Your blog post should be as long as it needs to be to solve the reader’s problem, without extra fluff. Short, informative content is more valuable than lengthy, repetitive posts.

Keep your writing simple and accessible.

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