FEAR: FRIEND OR FOE ?. Is fear something negative, or does it… | by Arhaam Choudhary | Jul, 2024

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Is fear something negative, or does it act like a guiding light? The feeling of fear is not always perceived in a positive light, a change of perspective is necessary to conquer fear and rise above it.

We face fearful situations in our everyday lives, instead of letting fear blind us, do we actually think about what this feeling of fear is trying to convey to us? The truth is that the feeling of fear comes naturally to every human being, but we also need to realize that fear often guides us in our decision-making processes. We need to think through the fear, it acts as an indicator if caution: Is taking this decision beneficial for me, or will it cause more harm than growth?


The situation you are fearful of is bold enough to make you grow. The decision you are going to make with transform you into a better person, and the feeling of fear is there just because you are going out of your comfort zone and you just need to go out of your way and take that crucial step.


The situation you are fearful of is actually something that will bring problems into your life and cause harm to your being. In this case the feeling of fear is a warning sign so that you think before taking that bad decision and stop before it’s too late.


This where the beauty of the human mind comes in. We humans are blessed with cognitive functions to think through things. Fear just acts as two-factor verification before making a decision. When we sit with our thoughts and think about what will the consequences of a taking a particular action will be, we shall find our answer.

We are all smart enough to think about the consequences or results of our decisions. We just need to decide whether something will have a positive or negative impact on our lives. We are all well aware of our life goals and priorities; we can decide what is good or bad for us based on this. Don’t let fear be something that takes over your mind, let it guide you towards making better decisions and living a better life.

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