4 Unhealthy Habits to Quit for a Better Life | by MY Opinion | Jul, 2024

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Deep scrolling

No one is free from quick dopamine access in today’s machine world. they spend hours and hours wasting their ample time instead of using it for productive stuff which also drains their time and energy

Scrolling is an addiction I just wanna share my opinion with you I became addicted to it as intense as anyone can imagine. I hardly involved myself in positive activities so that I could overcome my addiction.

you can not change it overnight it takes time but we can become busy by replacing good habits.

Not Investing

the latest research shows that 75 % of people like to put their money in a bank. They feel safe even though they do not think if they put their money in the bank for years and years to come their money surely will not increase.

In today’s world, where a lot of dangerous things evolve there are lots of opportunities to invest in positive purposes to invest their money in so that they could build their assets as well.


All the hours you have spent on Netflix, TikTok or Instagram. You could have spent them outlining your book, developing your idea, researching, or writing your first draft. I am not trying to make you feel guilty. I want you to reflect on…

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