When you don’t have strength … what do you do? | by Joanna Idemmi | Jul, 2024

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It’s funny how we smile, when we are sad.

It is funny how we smile; when we are sad.

It’s funny how we smile when we are sad.

You know, there is that subtle moment when you realize that some things aren’t within your power; that something’s are not within your reach. No matter how you try.
And, it is not just your fault. It is just life dear, you can’t force. you can’t push it. you can’t force it.
You keep pushing and pushing, trying and crying yet stalk in the same spot.
Insanity_ doing the same thing over and over again. But, what if it’s the only way? the only way possible? the only way you know? the only way through.
And so 2nd July, 2024. Definitely, u am not going to lie. I agree I am stalk, stranded, missing. in-between mixes of voices, thoughts, opinions, beliefs, rights, wrongs and what if?…
What if, I wouldn’t make it through?
What if this is all I got?
What if, I get to the finish line but do not win the race because I was only running at the starting point.
Insanity doing the same things over and over and yet, expecting a different result.
Yet, I call it fate; the fate of a faith or maybe the faith of a fate. I do not know what it means, but it makes sense to me.
I am about to try again, praying for a different outcome or a means of escape while expecting the same results.
on the contrary I am not a pessimist, I am just an optimist existing in reality; my current reality.
And so, while a face the truth, i still hope against all…
can the truth be altered?
can fate be changed?
does faith yield any gain?
I do not know, never have I been one with the answers.
Yet I believe.
Because, that’s all that is left in me.
My hope in God…
in all on Christ alone do I stand.

xx Idemmi ????

Joanna Idemmi is a Nigerian law student, blogger and YouTuber.

To connect with me, find me at ????

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