Gription | by Erin Fay | Jul, 2024

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As I was growing up, I spent a lot of time in the garage with the boys, I wasn’t the pretty little girl in dresses playing Barbie….. Well… ok I was, I was just also covered in mud and grease which you can imagine. Made my mom super happy….. in the garage I picked up on shoptalk, I’m not talking about the testosterone driven phrases that shouldn’t be repeated, but I’m talking about words like torque and gription and tractionize ….. strange words that didn’t really make it into my every day until I became a mom of boys.

When you’re two year-old is trying to find the right words to describe his dirtbike ( peddle bike) well it’s drifting around the corner and it needs more sticky. Stay down….. you find yourself spit out words you never thought you would remember like gripshion. until recently I didn’t realize how important these words are!!

It’s no secret that I grew up on motorcycles, four wheelers and dirt bikes, and so did my boys. They made their debut racing in Motocross and now they’ve made their way into Flat Track and just this last December found ice racing. …. Do you know how many different kinds of tires are used in ice racing? You have the studded you have the Non studded you have the Knobbys there are Canadian screws. There are AMA screws. There are indoor screws and different patterns for the screws, there is tractionszing for rubber tires and oh my goodness probably so much more I have not run into yet. …this month. My head is swirling learning about all the different kinds of grip that my boys needs to know about so they can ride as safely as possible on their Iron horses across the mud, clay, sand and frozen water while they shred the ice in to a million little bits all while trying to keep in the front of the pack and not getting run over

Being a boy mom sure has taught me things that I didn’t know I’d ever need to know and things I never thought I’d put any passion in to, like how important the word gription is for keeping my baby’s safe …. I am forever grateful for my boys and all that I have learned from and because of them!!

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