Embracing Authenticity. The people who dress and act in… | by WacekeWrites | Jul, 2024

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Every time I scroll through social media and witness individuals unabashedly being themselves, even in the face of negative comments, I’m in awe. It truly takes immense courage to showcase your authentic self and keep at it despite encountering hate.

I often find myself thinking, “I’m not as tough, I’m too sensitive, I can’t expose myself like that.” But upon reflection, I realize that this mindset is precisely why I’m not content, why I find myself constantly dissatisfied.

Perhaps if I redirected my focus from worrying about others to embracing my true self, I could make significant progress. Maybe by accepting myself for who I am, I could break free from the need to conform to society’s expectations. Isn’t that the ultimate freedom we all crave?

While I’m still on the journey towards self-acceptance, I’m committed to the process. I firmly believe that those who have embraced themselves fully and exude confidence in their own skin are the happiest individuals.

The people who dress and act in alignment with their true selves, unapologetically comfortable in their own skin, are the freest people I’ve seen. I aspire to embody that level of self-love, where external opinions hold no sway over my self-worth or confidence. I’m determined to hold onto my authenticity, even when faced with criticism.

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