Unlock the Simple Secrets to Happiness | by Anks | Jul, 2024

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My Secret Hacks of Happiness!

Low-cost habits for a calmer, more confident and fulfilling you.

Unlock the Simple Secrets to Happiness
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We all are trying to figure out the game called life. I have been playing it on front foot for a long time with the happiness as a constant output. Today I am going to share those secrets which I have kept for myself. You can easily add these very low or no investment activities in your life and then see the results yourself.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that breathe is the currency that can buy anything if you master it correctly. Your breathing patterns set your mood and your moods set your behaviour. The beauty is that only humans can control their breathing patterns willingly. Practice deep breathing, it will supply more oxygen to all the organs and help you to stay calm in every situation. Every damn situation.

Whether you agree or not but I have seen it across the globe (via watching videos) and in countless different cities while travelling, people judge you by your appearance. No matter how knowledgeable you are but your first impression starts from your dressing. You should learn to dress according to the occasion or define your unique dressing style which doesn’t change no matter what the occasion is. In my opinion first one is easier.

Creative thinking comes from imagination and imagination is the language of God. Creative thinking doesn’t require any extra penny to invest, but you never know when it can bring something new to the world where we are living.

In USA more than 20% while in India more than 70% adults are obese these days. If you look back a century ago there were no such diseases called ‘obesity’ because that time engineered food was not available. Today you can find so tasty food if you tasted it once you cant stop eating while your stomach is full. Just do sensible eating either by hard limiting the quantity or following your brain’s signals.

To achieve anything you need to work consistently and patiently because good things take time. Whenever you do any work always try to provide more value to the society with your work. Ask yourself what value am I adding from my work? You don’t need much efforts for that little extra but that little extra will return you too much within some years.

In present era, most of us buy the things because of temptations or in fear of missing out those sales and offers; later feel regretted or cheated. The easiest remedy to this habit is to think before buying if you really needed this or never rethink after buying it.

Sleep is your body’s repairing mechanism, you worked a lot everyday and to do the same amount of work next day your body needs a proper rest and restoration. Make your bedroom a comfy and dark place where you can sleep restfully.

You have done a great job today, think about all the happy moments of the day while you go to sleep.

Have a good night and a great life ahead.

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