I need to be alone | by Debby Diaries | Jul, 2024

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Hi, everyone! I’m Diba, and I’ll be sharing my experiences on “needing to be alone” and how to overcome it, as well as all about productivity, etc. ????????

Recently, I came to Tehran for a “one-week vacation.” Two of my aunts are accompanying us on this vacation. We are supposed to stay in a small apartment, only about 30 square meters in size. There are 10 of us in that amount of space, and it’s only day three, and it’s killing me. We’re going to talk about this! #FamilyVacation #Tehran #SmallApartment #Crowded #DayThree #HelpMe ????

Being alone is very, very important for a person like me. I need to be alone for about half an hour, and it’s been about three days since I’ve been able to be by myself. I am very mentally and spiritually tired. It’s only a matter of time before I burst into a rage. I don’t know. I can’t take any more. My mind can’t take this. When I am in a crowd for a long time, I become angry. I become enraged. ????????

I even tried to put my headphones on, but I couldn’t find my peace because as soon as I put them on, everyone started talking to me. ???? Ten people in one room are really hard to handle. ????‍♀️ It’s only been three days, but even in these three days, I’ve lost my sanity. ???? #HeadphoneStruggles #TooManyPeople #LosingMyMind

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