Why Knowing your self worth is important !!! | by Blossomsun1287 | Jun, 2024

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Why Knowing your self worth is important !!!

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I read somewhere that said that the day you will realise your self worth is the day you will stop giving attention to the people who don’t understand it and treat you not up to the mark . I found this to be actually so damn true . If they can’t treat you the way you deserve leave them alone and move on .

Sometimes you are just sitting there still holding onto everything just because you are afraid .

Afraid to let it all go .

Afraid of the emotional consequences you have to bear .

Sometimes all we need is a little post like the above or such small articles like this as our final call to finally let it go and accept that you are worth more than their negative energy.

I was listening to a paranormal podcast today and one thing I liked that was mentioned there is that other persons aura or the magnetic field or we can say more particularly the energy they radiate also affects our energy and our aura and mindset , I found this such good information randomly and wanted to share it to you that yes sometimes it’s not you that the vibes are not matching with the person but it’s just your energies are not compatible .

Move on in such situations.

Why not be around people radiating more positive energy?

Why not around people who actually know your self worth ?

Why …just why ?

If you were just waiting for a final call then let this article be and let go of everyone who looks down on you and underestimate your self worthy .

Be worthy and respect it !

Take care ????

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