Title: Reflections on My Amal Academy Journey: A Visual Story | by Abbas Haidery | Jun, 2024

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Title: Reflections on My Amal Academy Journey: A Visual Story

As I reflect on my first two weeks at Amal Academy, I am reminded of the transformative journey that has unfolded. This photo serves as a poignant reminder of the swift passage of time. It feels like just yesterday that we captured this moment, but it has taught me a valuable lesson – time is fleeting and waits for no one. This realization has inspired me to make the most of every moment and cherish the time I share with others, as each person is present in our lives for a unique and precious period.


The initial two weeks were a whirlwind of emotions, from excitement to nervousness. I was eager to learn and adapt, but also uncertain about the path ahead. The book in this image represents the vast amount of information I’ve absorbed, from new skills to fresh perspectives. I’ve learned to embrace challenges, think creatively, and collaborate with my peers.


At the start, I felt a mix of emotions – enthusiasm, anxiety, and a hint of self-doubt. However, as I delved into the program, I began to feel more confident, inspired, and connected with my peers. The book symbolizes the growth of my confidence and the realization that I am capable of achieving my goals.


The first two weeks have been a treasure trove of learnings. I’ve gained insights into:

– Event management: Understanding the intricacies of planning and executing events
– Marketing strategies: Learning to effectively promote and reach target audiences
Team coordination: Discovering the importance of collaboration and communication

The book represents the wealth of knowledge I’ve acquired, which has broadened my understanding of the industry and myself.


This journey has taught me a lot about myself. I’ve discovered my ability to:

– Adapt quickly to new situations
– Think creatively and approach challenges with a fresh perspective
– Embrace feedback and learn from criticism

The book represents the chapters of self-discovery I’ve uncovered, and I’m excited to continue writing my story.

Photography Tips:

– I used the rule of thirds to balance the composition and create visual interest
– Experimented with natural lighting to enhance the image and symbolize growth
– Played with focus and depth to emphasize the book’s significance and represent my journey

*Conclusion:* This image and the story behind it represent the incredible journey I’ve embarked upon at Amal Academy. I’m grateful for the experiences, learnings, and self-discoveries that have shaped me so far. As I continue on this path, I’m excited to uncover more chapters of growth and knowledge. The book will always symbolize the knowledge and growth I’ve experienced, and I look forward to adding more chapters to my story.

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