maybe it’s not as deep as i make it out to be | by kei | Jun, 2024

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I often find myself overthinking everything.

I dissect every smile, every silence, and every move of people around me, searching for deeper meanings and hidden truths — if there are any.

But maybe it’s not as deep as I make it out to be.

Maybe that smile from a stranger was just a smile. Maybe my friend’s silence wasn’t a cryptic message but simply a need for space. Maybe that compliment was just genuine and without any ulterior motive. Maybe that missed call was just a mistake, not a sign of something wrong. Maybe the delayed response to my text was just a result of a busy day, not a signal of disinterest.

Life is complicated yet beautifully simple.

The sun rises and sets, seasons change, and people come and go.

The true beauty is in the form of the mundane moments we often overlook: a cup of coffee, shared laughter, and a warm hug. These don’t need to be dissected; they must be felt and appreciated.

It’s okay to let go of the need to overthink.

To accept things at face value and find joy in the simplicity of life. Sometimes, the “deepest” moments worth cherishing are the ones we simply allow ourselves to experience.

Life is too short. Not every decision needs to be weighed down by pros and cons lists. Sometimes, it’s okay to go with my gut and make choices based on what feels right in the moment.

When I stop searching for hidden meanings, everything becomes clearer. The world becomes less of a handful. I start to see things for what they are, not what I imagine them to be.

This shift in mindset allows me to be more at ease with myself and others. I have become less concerned with interpreting everything and more focused on enjoying my time with the people around me.

In learning to appreciate simplicity, I find joy in unexpected places. A walk in the park, a spontaneous conversation, or a quiet evening at home can bring satisfaction when I stop overthinking and live in the moment.

And in that acceptance, I find peace.

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