Why did I start to write?. Is it a mid-life crisis? | by Ashish Chand | Jun, 2024

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Is it a mid-life crisis?

Is it hubris?

Is it seeking my 15 minutes?

I was spending time in front of the TV watching NetFlix and YouTube. I was not sure what I wanted. It was clear that watching endless content was not helping me. Worse, I was rarely watching something new. It was usually a repeat content and some new content every few months.

I was not enjoying it. I was getting some distraction albeit for a brief period.

I then tried some Python programming over the weekend. I felt good for some time but it lacked purpose. After all, the code was not solving any problem — it lacked purpose.

I joined Yoga which made it worse. I ended with a frozen shoulder.

And nothing seemed to be filling the void.

I was bored.

I am passionate, have worked hard all my life, and continue to keep myself updated on work trends. I am respected at work, and blessed with a great family. I have a small friend circle. When we meet, we can sit for hours without judging one another.

That all sounds great. Doesn’t it? Why should I seek more?

Cultivate a hobby.

Step out and play a game.

Do yoga. Do meditation.

All were good and meaningful suggestions. But nothing resonated.

One that used to hurt the most, was getting branded as the “serious” one. One who can not enjoy life. This happens at social gatherings — in the office or with the family.

I have been defending myself every time this topic came up.

Finally, earlier this year, something clicked. I decided not to respond to such a conversation let alone react.

Work is my hobby. It gives me happiness. And, I would never defend this!

I did a self-assessment.

I have been a technology professional, a leader who managed large teams across countries and been in financial services for the better part of my career. This meant that I had things to say and to share.

Suddenly, I had a purpose.

I started to explore what I could do in the real world. This was tricky for a variety of reasons.

Online writing seemed a relatively simpler approach.

I started to explore YouTube for inspiration. There was a catch. All videos have a bias to means to earn money. I was intrigued and distracted at the same time.

Should I write to earn money?

Should I write because I have something to say?

Should you create your blog? Write on Medium or some other other platform?

One Friday night, I decided to take the plunge. I created my blogging site and posted an article.

I was happy. I felt accomplished. And then the creepy feeling was back. Who was reading the blog?

Back to square one.

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