**3 Ways To Crush Your EPA Certification Exam: Top Training Resources and Requirements** | by Joshua King | Jun, 2024

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You’re probably looking at the pile of assignments you need to complete in order to get EPA certification and wondering just how you’ll ever manage to get through it all. That’s understandable — getting certified is no joke. But you can breathe a sigh of relief — this guide is here to help you know what you need to know in order to get certified. We’ll go over the main training resources you’ll be using, along with the main obligations you’ll need to meet in order to make the prep as easy as possible. Ready to get through all that information and ultimately fly solo with that certification? Let’s get started!

The Problem: Certification Overwhelm

The thought of taking the EPA certification exam will make just about anyone nervous. There’s so much to study. And a lot is riding on your success. You might be thinking, ‘Holy cow, where do I begin?’ Or, ‘How can I possibly remember all this stuff?’ Don’t panic. There’s a plan.

The Solution: Effective Training and Exam Resources

Let’s start with the training: good quality, targeted resources covering everything you need to know — and nothing more.

  1. **Official EPA Study Guides**: Start off with the guides given out by the EPA itself. They are the best source out there for relevant information. They will tell you exactly what you should know about, and often include practice questions too.

2. **Online Training**: Coursera and Udemy are popular websites that offer preparatory courses for the EPA certification exam. They are well-organized, entertaining, and often include quizzes.

3. **Study Groups:** Find an online forum or local study group. Talking about a subject with others can give new insights and keep you on track.

Objection Handling: “But I Don’t Have Time!”

And the iconic ‘I don’t have time’ objection: no, you don’t need to study for hours every day. Do smaller chunks of time, even 30 minutes a day, and you’ll be ahead. It’s about quality, not quantity.

Open Loops: Keep Yourself Curious

Then leave each study session with a burning question you want to find an answer to in the next study. For example: ‘Why is one pollutant more toxic than another toxic pollutant?’ A little brain food before you close the books will keep your internal stove burning hot.

Conclusion: You’re Ready to Crush It

Having access to the best study material and preparing for it is your opportunity to purge many anxiety-provoking misgivings: if your mind is game for training tests, then you’ll certainly be adequately qualified to face the real thing. The formula is plain and simple: if you study, you’ll have a greater chance of keeping yourself out of trouble later.

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