There is more life than sorry | by MissSociety | Jun, 2024

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What if that person who was the reason why you became something you never wanted to be, or something you never thought what you could be… asked for your forgiveness? What will you do? How will you react to it?

Hearing those feels a relieve because we get the satisfaction. We get the answers that we are not the only one who has been hurt, who suffers — that there’s a person on another room having its guilt. Or on the other hand… we wanted those because that’s just how we love. We are ready to forgive people because of our own beliefs in them.

Some people opinions, the word sorry aren’t enough. I’m always curious about it, how can they say that those words are no use? Is it because it was too late? Or have they finally move on? — if they are, I can not fully think and just be amazed how they can forgive people who in the first place owes them a sorry. Have they sometimes overthink what could be the difference or they now feel numb about it? How does it feel?

How’s your feeling after letting their faults passes by your wounds? Because after all, we do not deserve to be hurt for just giving a genuine and purity of love. Not because they can see that you’re doing greater than before does mean you are at peace.

But for some, sorry is the only thing they ask for them to finally move forward. They hope for it. They believe in it. However, there’s a loop thinking what if it will not come? yet we still wait a little more longer until we get to the point on drowning to our own mind that perhaps when the time passes… our feelings will finally die. Should we still really wait a little more? Are they really the key for us to not look back and move on?

There’s a situation saying… you’re really not moved on, you were just distracted. What keeps you on holding back?

Maybe… just maybe, we’re mentally far away from the roads of past but our heart remains beating silently to hear those “sorry”.

So maybe, we can turn those waits into only a hopes of someday. Let us not wait more by ourselves on a wrong terminal, expecting there will be a train coming today. You will never know when’s the right time, until then, find the right place where you needed to be, and maybe… those someday finally put you in a right, peacefully, and healed place.

There is more life than waiting for their sorry.

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