One day, I’m gonna stop writing about you. | by sera ???? | Jun, 2024

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One day, I’m gonna stop writing about you.

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Writing has always been a part of me, especially when it is him that i write about. It’s a medicine no other tablets could heal.

I write my life with him, and his life with me. From where we first met, which where also shared our love.

Every joy we had, every laughter we shared, every arguments we passed, and every love we gave. Just so I knew, he was for me.

But heart is not always in its best shape. Sometimes we pass through rough roads, and sometimes not.

Every story has its own ending. Falling out of love, and falling in love with someone new.

Maaaring sa susunod na kabanata, hindi na tayo ang magkasama.

— perhaps in the next chapter, we are no longer together.

you’re in front of me as words I wish not to hear came out of your mouth—at the place where we first interwined our hearts, and where we are parting love.

Tonight as I write; in the quiet moments between strokes of my ink, I find myself at the place that used to be ours—the place where words are effortlessly spilled and used to flow naturally.

And as I close the book we once shared, I knew.

I had already stopped writing about you.

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