A Complete Natural Pharmacy in Your Backyard | by Healthy Hustle US | Jun, 2024

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A Complete Natural Pharmacy in Your Backyard

I made this Medicinal Garden Kit because I wanted to empower other people to take their health into their own hands.
I think everyone should have a medicinal garden in their backyard. This way you can easily go and pick the remedy you need at any time. Your backyard pharmacy will be there for you even in times of crisis when pharmacies might be closed or looted.
Imagine stepping into your backyard and looking at your new colorful medicinal garden. Your backyard will smell of fresh lavender and chamomile.
You can pick any of these medicinal plants and turn it into the remedy you need.
I’ve gathered all the seeds for 10 herbs, inside the Medicinal Garden Kit. All these seeds have been handpicked from the very best plants, as I wanted nothing less than premium quality seeds.
With your seeds kit, you’ll also receive a FREE copy of Herbal Medicinal Guide: From Seeds to Remedies. This guide will show you how to turn these 10 plants into tinctures, ointments, salves, poultices, decoctions, infusions, essential oils —all in minute detail so you can follow our guide even if you’ve never made an herbal medicine in your life.
The 10 Medicinal Plants You’ll Have in Your Backyard:
Chicory – The Painkilling Plant You Should Grow in Your Backyard
This is the wild plant that Native Americans used to look for more than any other. They’d harvest and use chicory to make a natural painkilling extract for a wide range of physical discomforts, especially stiff and achy joints. And so can you! The root is rich in chicoric acid (CA), a plant compound with potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties but no risk of addiction. If our pharmacies ever run dry, having even a small patch of chicory growing in your own backyard will provide relief.


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