Bitcoin fools and the illusion of wealth | by Walid Yahya Hussein / | Jun, 2024

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Bitcoin fools and the illusion of wealth

This vast universe, with its natural resources, is the basis of life for all living creatures, but every resource has a value, and the value of the resource depends on its importance, its uses, the amount of its consumption, and the cost of extracting it. With the development of science and industry, natural resources have become one of the most important capabilities of any country in the world and have become a source of trade for countries. It has a major impact on the lives of individuals within countries and on the standard of living within these countries. The central banks of each country have begun to produce paper and metal currencies based on the reserves of raw resources it has, such as gold, oil, iron, natural gas, silver, copper, water, fertile lands, and rivers.

At one of the critical moments in the life of the world, some fools appeared who created a digital currency called Bitcoin, and several other concepts appeared with it, such as encryption, mining, electronic wallets, the transfer of digital currencies, the price of the digital currency, and the emergence of other digital currencies. All of this is a great illusion that has no logic or basis. What does it mean to have a currency that consists of electrical pulses and software codes, and when the electricity goes out, you become the poorest of the poor after you were the richest of the rich?

Then appeared the idiots who brought modern and expensive devices and placed them inside air-conditioned rooms in order to mine for electronic currencies, and who in this act work to crush natural resources in exchange for a meaningless vacuum and waste enormous electrical energy in order to obtain wealth and work to exchange this vacuum for natural resources. Which is of high value. How stupid the world is. These fools want to own resources and cash bonds out of thin air. They invented it and it has no value. Wake up, world. Gold will never have an alternative until the end of the world. From your nap.

My advice to you: Everything has a source. Every resource has a source from which it emerges. If you, dear reader, are well-versed in the field of economics, then answer my question: What is the source of Bitcoin, how is it extracted, what are the countries that own this source, who manufactures it, and how is it saved in material form?

If you know the answer, don’t bother thinking about it after that

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