Add These 3 Elements to Sell (Effortlessly) Through Your Content | by Sumanpreet Kaur | SYNERGY | Jun, 2024

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People don’t care what you write about in the case of missing these factors.

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Dedicating hours to content creation but no output?

No reading ratio. No engagement. No sales.

When you are putting effort rigorously and writing consistently, what’s lacking?

It doesn’t matter whether you write on Medium, LinkedIn, or X, to get the trust and interest of your audience there is the similarity of this one factor across the platforms: That is psychology.

So, here’s how to write for humans and get the desired actions from your audience: 3 elements that get sales through content

Who cares about the information you are sharing when it is brimming over the internet? No one.

No one cares and gives their precious time and attention to reading unless you show expertise in what you preach about. It becomes possible when you share actionable insights over mere information.

From the following two headings, which one would you choose to click?

“Unleash the Potential with These 3 Habits.”

“How I Write 5 Days Every Week Without Burning Out”

Why will I click on the first one when I know at first glance it is the boring ChatGPT content?

2nd one adds the relevancy that someone is conveying based on their experience. And that’s targeting my desire to write and avoid the problem of burnout. It gave me two reasons to click on.

So, before you sell, the first step is to win trust through building and proving your authority.

But insights are not the only ingredient. If I am going to spend my money — why are you the only person to invest in your products or services?

So, give proof of what you speak. Share your results.

For example, here’s what $5000 sales the last month taught me.

After training 500 professionals, I recognized 3 major bottlenecks in career growth.

Note: Think from your audience’s perspective. Why will they give their time or money if you don’t show what you do?

Building positioning is the way to stand out and get paid for your content creation.

For this, keep showing the value you bring. Have them craving. So, they buy ultimately.

Many people misunderstand personal brand as showing expertise only, but it’s about personal — showcasing your personality and human side.

People feel connected and resonated with the personal brands, not with the company brands.

So, display your human side — being authentic, real, and raw.

Share stories of how you screwed, failed, and bounced back.

People relate as they see their reflection in your stories, remember you, come back to read, seek more, and buy.

Your content goes from stories to sales when your strategic stories highlight the pain points, they are going through and demonstrate their dream life.

For example,

  • I was left with one client. Here’s how I win high-ticket clients in the next 30 days.
  • The tough decisions you made and how they paid off.
  • Your mistakes and misbeliefs cost you failures.

Focus on what you are giving to the audience because you get in return for what you offer.

Obsess with the quality you deliver while strategically building your:

  • Authority
  • Positioning
  • Audience

That will surprise you with the audience’s response.

Be genuine too when you are strategic through your content.

“If your stories are all about your products and services, that’s not storytelling. It’s a brochure. Give yourself permission to make the story bigger.” — Jay Baer

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