Your words can kill someone and you too… | by Preeti | Jun, 2024

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It took me my whole life to realize this and today I know how careful I need to be with my words

Because it can kill someone and me too.

For a long time, we humans have only given attention and preference to our physical world. We only believe in what we can see.

And that led us to neglect every other thing which has no physical existence –

Like our mental health, our inner world, our feelings and emotions.

Slowly but surely, we are now covering that gap with more people giving preference to their mental well being too.

But I believe one should in fact focus more on his mental well being, because it’s our inner world and mindset that shapes our reality in life.

So once you are covered on that part, your physical world is going to be all good.

Back to our topic — How can our words kill someone and us too?

Because while we might take our words casually, it’s not happening the same way on the other end.

The words that we speak out are going into someone’s mind and they are feeding it into their inner world all the time.

So if you are constantly telling bad things to someone, or constantly criticising them-

You must know that they are storing it all in them.

They are making it their reality, and they are gradually starting to believe in it.

That’s why it is said that if you keep calling someone stupid everyday, they eventually come to believe it and become one someday.

And it hurts the other person the worst when you are someone close to them.

When they love you and respect you and you send them the bad and hurting words, you are damaging them from within.

Their love for you is making them believe in your words and they are accepting it all.

Even if that hurts them in the process.

So if you are someone who is doing it but are not aware of it, please be careful and mind your words the next time.

But before that –

You also need to keep a check on how you talk to yourself.

Because we only give out what we have, so chances are that if you bad mouth others, you also bad mouth yourself.

So start with yourself, stop that critic’s voice in you. Start appreciating yourself more.

And never ever call yourself negative words. Be careful with your words with yourself and others too.


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