Ignite. Remember how he pushed you away, walked… | by CM | Jun, 2024

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Remember how he pushed you away, walked away as if you were nothing.

He treated you as if you did not even exist.

As he laughs with his company while you were embracing the darkness

with tears streaming down your cheeks.

Way back then, he promised you that no one could ever hurt you,

but he did.

Remember the nights when you were screaming in agony,

It’s as though you’ve been stabbed numerous times,

The nights when you feel like you’ve lost your way,

And yet all you need is to be found.

Remember when you questioned your worth,

Delusions lingered from within you as you gazed in the mirror.

As you see yourself falling through the cliff of life,

Begging for help, screaming in pain

reaching for someone to hold you.

Remember, how your life began without these terrible experiences,

You learned to walk with your own feet,

You stood up for yourself even though you fall multiple times,

You managed to be kind even when the world’s against you — broke you,

And this is your life, the life you promised yourself, you should conquer.

Embrace the darkness wavering in the shadows of introspection

and let your light shine- let it shine from within.

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