Sometimes all you need is a bad habit. | by H3RM4JESTY | Jun, 2024

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A little after getting freedom

You realise freedom is overrated

It’s just yet another loose end and slippery slope

You’re not in control and the world is an unending madness

Time is faster and everyday is a loop

A bad habit at this point seems almost convenient

To slow your tracks down

And keep your mind foggy

To raise your anxiety and keep you withdrawn

A bad habit to blame the world and find fault in the ones that get through all that freedom seamlessly

A bad habit to whisper in your ears “you’re different, you’re not like all the rest”

Sometimes all you need is a bad habit to get you through the day

A bad habit to cause you just enough pain, your cry for help is more internal and deeper than “you’ve changed”

A bad habit that gives you just enough anxiety to fight for what you want but occasionally makes you scream at the top of your voice like a hell-bound prisoner running mad

A bad habit that forces you to sleep early, you don’t realise how disconnected you’ve become with the world

Sometimes all you need is a bad habit that makes you lose yourself, to crack yourself to break free

A habit that makes you find yourself in your darkest hour

A bad habit to be your muse.

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