I’m Never Enough. In a home never appreciative | by Collin Freeman Ug | Jun, 2024

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I’m Never Enough

I’m never enough, no matter how hard I try

I’m always falling short, and saying goodbye

To the dreams I hold dear, and the love I desire

I’m never enough, and it’s a burning fire

That fuels my insecurities, and my deepest fears

That I’ll never be worthy, and I’ll always shed tears

For the love I long for, and the acceptance I seek

But it’s always just out of reach, and it’s a heavy burden to speak

I’m never enough, in the eyes of those I adore

I’m always needing more, and wanting so much more

But no matter how hard I try, I’m never enough

And it’s a painful reminder, of my deepest rough

But still I hold on, to the hope that I’ll find

A love that will see me, and a heart that will bind

To the beauty within me, and the worth that I hold

And maybe someday, I’ll be enough, and my heart will be made whole.

By Collin Freeman ug

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