Here’s Why The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Poorer | by June | Jun, 2024

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take a minute to think about what that means first

We’ve all heard that saying by word from mouth that “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”, but I think a mistake that a lot of people make including myself is that the poor get poorer because the rich get richer, and the rich get richer because the poor get poorer.

I think the rich get richer and the poor get poorer because rich and poor people uses there mind’s differently I don’t think the two thinks the same, how could they when a rich person is all the way on one side of town and a poor person is all the way on the other side. Rich people way of thinking is that they believe you have to earn and pay for things which is not wrong and poor people lack that fundamental thinking. It’s like a relationship between what you put into the world and what you get out of to the world.

In a poor person’s mind we make our decisions based on what’s missing and that decision is not just what we are making for one day but we have to keep making those decisions in our future a lot of times and we steady react to the lack so we are stuck there because a lot of times we think nothing can change or nothing will never change. The most known reason why the poor stay poorer is because the governments is not nothing and there are evil people in the world in general that can’t help but to take advantage of people it’s like they desire that and they think in order for them to get ahead of everybody it has to cost other people when that’s not the case.

When you realize that you just want the world to be a better place and you not trying to be ahead of anybody or be the first to do whatever then you will progress and be the bonus in the end. It’s almost Like you work a regular job and you tell someone like “hey you know I don’t make much at my job what they pay is all that they pay” ranging from anything between 9–14 an hour but that someone doesn’t realize that, that is not all they pay, but that is all they pay you because of course there’s more people at that same job that perhaps gets payed more. Don’t wish you had it easier wish that you will be better than all of them people. We as people can ALWAYS improve to be better no matter what.

Destitute people always look at what people put out we/they always feel like the world doesn’t give us a chance but maybe we should take one, cause there’s people in the world that can do better than you and is doing better than you started with less than you and was told that they are way more likely to fail than you but they took a chance and decided what they wanted, what they craved. My advice which I need to take myself is to stop focusing on what’s missing.

Versus if a rich person wants something they will go and get it and you might be thinking well they are rich they can’t almost get whatever but right now I’m talking about their way of perceiving and how they think cause if a rich person see a big bridge in front of them they are going to see it as a opportunity they are going to feel like they can get over it no matter what but then if a poor person run into the same thing they are going to see it as an obstacle to them it’s impossible to get over it they don’t think they can do it. Poor people tend to think as soon as they get started with something they have to be great or they think every critique they get from someone is someone having it out for them. But then on the other hand a rich person will think of it as if I want to be great I have to get started now, and a lot times, not all the time but 9/10 they take critique and that’s why rich people get farther and richer. If we just changed our mindset and started to think positive and go after what we want our outcome would be 1000 times different, we’d think we could do anything if it came down to it. That’s why I say the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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