Third week of mindfulness. I completed another week of meditation… | by caporz | Jun, 2024

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I completed another week of meditation and have now started week 4.

Here are my thoughts about what happened.

The meditation practice for week 3 was about mindful movement and, as expected, I felt quite fine in doing so. The plan is going well enough, keeping my training schedule consistent and also my meditation practice.

I can also notice some effects in terms of mental stability: compared with before, now I feel a bit more relaxed and accept the situation around me as it is.

If I have to see a bad point, in this period of my life I don’t want to make an effort to change anything in my life, not even improving; I’m just fine and I don’t really want to care about what is happening around me. I’m enjoying my free time, I enjoy the weekends out with family, I enjoy my training, I enjoy my meditation, I enjoy reading books and after I complete these 8 weeks of meditation I will surely schedule some studying time…but I don’t want to do it anymore for a chance of finding a new job: I want to do it for myself, for my own personal growth because I’m just realizing that a job is just a part of life and actually not so important.

I don’t want to give the wrong message: of course working is important, it gives satisfaction in life and through it you can contribute to society and the world; but my meaning is that if things don’t go as expected, it is not necessary to be stressed and always think about problems ruining the rest of your day. No matter how important the job is, life is something else and more complicated and the job mood shouldn’t affect your family, your passion and your relationships: this is what I mean when I say “job is not so important”.

For week 4 of meditation I need to focus on noises: I’ve already started this practice and it’s quite interesting to realize how many noises are around us in every single moment, even if you lock yourself in a silent room, you will find your breath noise at least.

I’ll keep practicing and I will update you soon again.

I hope you enjoy walking with me during my journey: I don’t know if I’m going in the right or wrong direction, but I know I’m learning something. Because even if at the end the result won’t be good, I’ll know that the path I followed was wrong, so I still improved myself somehow.

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