Losing you is my regret and chances | by aiya | Jun, 2024

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Losing someone you’d thought you will end up with until your last breath is a huge and hard pill to swallow.

It was never expected.

No one saw it coming through and none in this timeline I’d ever think I will have to let go of the hand I had cherish and held; to not stumble in every step I took with you.

Out of all decisions I made, this one surely struck right through my heart; like a knife I brought on my own just to stab myself with it.

I regret it. Truly regretted it. But what someone like me can do?

When all the regret I felt equalized to all the chances I would get…

The chance to rebuild what fell apart.

The chance to be alone and have things in my way.

The chance to stand firm all by myself— without you, without anyone else.

All the chances I could have if only my world wasn’t revolving only to you.

I regretted not having you now. However, I am grateful for what I have become when we chose a different path.

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