4 Key Factors of Personal Efficiency and How to Become Better at It | by Aleks Henderson | Jun, 2024

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To apply things we are going to discuss further, it does not matter what you do in your life. My dear reader can be a hard-worker in an investment fund, or be an entrepreneur bending under a heavy weight of responsibilities. Maybe you are a lifestyle blogger or a mother of three beautiful kids. It doesn’t really matter, as we all share the same end — we are going to die someday, the time on Earth is precious and limited. Let’s talk about personal efficiency.

Screenshot from movie Time that perfectly illustrates concept of time as a currency and why personal efficiency matters

Religion answers the problem of eventual end and I respect these beliefs. However, if there are no plans after you close your eyes the very last time, then you certainly found yourself in a situations when you are standing in line, or dealing with some bureaucratic stupidity, or just wasting time in traffic jam — this experience is frustrating, and it frustrates us because we are losing our lives on such nonsense.

The name of the game is to stay efficient to live your best life. To squeeze maximum of it. There is no difference if we are talking about personal endeavours or work life, the principles are the same. The time is valuable, the personal efficiency is the key. Your time may have different cost depending on market conditions, but it always has above-zero value.

Throughout my career and entrepreneurship, I’ve came up with the following steps of staying efficient (as husband, as manager, as mentor, as engineer)

Let’s get into details of every step in the next posts! Let’s see how to value and track time of your life.

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