To Be Me What We Became. To Be Me What We Became | by Aqila | May, 2024

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To Be Me What We Became

To be me means carrying all the moments we’ve shared. It’s about those quiet times when i think back on our laughter and how our dreams pushed us forward. Every success we celebrated and every setback we faced became a part of my story. Our journey, filled with late night talks, new discoveries, and silent understandings, is a core part of who i am. What we became together isn’t just a memory, it’s a living part of me that still shapes my life.

As i look back, i realize that what we became has deeply defined my present. The person i am today is shaped by all our shared experiences. The lessons we learned, the love we shared, and the challenges we faced have all influenced my character and view on life. To be me means to honour our past while moving forward with the strength and wisdom it gave me. It’s a beautif paradox of holding on and letting go, of remembering and dreaming. In balancing the past and present, i find myself continually shaped by what we became, ever evolving but always rooted in the shared journey that brought me here.

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