The Two Major Factors to Success. | by KingSamSpencer | May, 2024

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These steps are indispensable if you’re seeking success.

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There are only two crucial steps that you HAVE to take to become successful.

The image at the top of the page has most likely given away the first step, but what about the second?

The First Factor

The first major factor to success is failing. I could almost guarantee that you have heard something along those lines before.

Failing will usually tell you what your short-comings are, but believe it or not, failing is where you can find your strengths as well.

Take me for example, I partake in a boxing session once a week and practice at home. When I’m at the sessions, I fail, (Here’s where the second and more important step comes in) my boxing coach picks me up on the failure and I listen and I grow from that experience. That is all coming from a mistake I didn’t know I was making. Sometimes in those sessions he will tell me that I need to fix something and then tell me once that’s dealt with, then I’ll have a — Insert complement here —.

The Second Factor

This second factor is often more significant than the first one I just mentioned, and it is making the mistake then getting back up and learning from it to apply what you’ve just learnt to what you failed in.

It’s said that a wise person learns from his mistakes. A wiser one learns from others’ mistakes. But the wisest person of all learns from others’s successes. — John C. Maxwell

This quote says more than what I mentioned, but he’s completely correct. You are still wise for learning from your own mistakes, and it is wiser to learn from others as much as you do yourself. It is most important to learn and copy from your successors. When other people shine success, ask yourself, “How can I achieve that?” and, “What have they done that I need to do?”.

You now have the knowledge and tools to reach success, now it’s all up to if you’re up for the challenge of getting to the top.

Thank you for your time. Have an outstanding day!

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