Hidden Addiction — STRESS | by Rüya Dinç | May, 2024

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“Addiction is when you have a strong physical or psychological need or urge to do something or use something. It is a dependence on a substance or activity even if you know that it causes you harm. It can impact your daily life.”

Have you ever thought about your habits? Can they be output of your hidden addictions? It is valid also for our feelings. Let’s say you face many challenges during the day that cause stress, and as a result of it, stress triggers certain hormones in your body. If you face stress everyday, it does not need to be high stress, your body will produce same hormones everyday. After a while you will realize that this stress is part of your normal life. When you do not encounter any stress, you cannot calm down, you feel restless, like you need to do something, like you need to clear your to-do list etc… Chronic exposure to stress can trigger the brain’s reward system, leading to the release of stress hormones and a sense of well-being. This can lead to a condition known as stress addiction, which can threaten our health in the long run.

It was easier to understand the cause of stress in old times. These were generally physical dangers, and human beings could more easily understand whether the danger was over or not. It’s harder now. We still face physical dangers, but more psychological than physical dangers. Therefore, it is also difficult for us to understand how we feel and whether we feel stressed or not. If we do not understand emotions and keep ourselves under control, one day we may realize that our life is changing in the wrong direction. For example, one day we may realize that stress is such a big part of our lives that we can no longer control it. It can harm us, maybe slowly, maybe quickly…

Every moment of our life has the same importance. We must be aware of every moment, every emotion, and monitor ourselves to keep our emotions, habits and life under control. If we ignore our emotions and problems, one day we may realize that stress is a big part of our lives. We shouldn’t underestimate anything in our lives. Because they can grow like snowballs. To overcome stress addiction, it is important to learn stress management techniques and make healthy lifestyle changes. Remember, stress will always be a part of our lives, but we can learn to control it. If you’re not considering it yet, please think about it, check your daily routines, emotions and try to answer; Is stress one of your hidden addictions or not?

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