No one talks about how excruciatingly painful it is to be working but no result . | by Ms Wendy | May, 2024

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Every Guru seem to have a sermon to give on CONSISTENCY

No doubt —that is the key to a lot of doors .

But please , how do one handle the burnout you get after working for a long time yet no result .

How do you. keep showing up in a business where you get little to no sales ?

How do you keep showing up at the gym when your belly fat seem not to be going nowhere

Like —someone just body shamed you regardless of all your exercise.

How do you keep telling yourself to keep on when there’s no energy left?

The funny thing is

The moment you are about to quit —-you immediately see a post on how someone landed a six figure job.

The minute you are about to say “F this business” someone will pop up happy and with the stories of how he made his first million dollars

You mean with the same business that is draining the living daylight out of me? No way

Due to stress ,sickness can even cripple in .

You say to yourself maybe you aint doing something right

Maybe there’s this course you need to take more of to be able to make money with this skill .

Maybe there’s this thing you need to do to speed up the rate of client acquisition.


Please take a break and take care of yourself

Sometimes admitting that life sucks is the healthiest thing do honestly

Rest when you tired and continue tomorrow

Yours will come –just don’t lose that momentum.

Focus on your big WHY.

Get away if that’s what your soul wants.

The point is for you not to lose momentum as that will be dangerous .

Happy journey

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