Maybe in another universe — ;Why not this one? | by with love, always. | May, 2024

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why not here? in our own reality.

The first phrase suggests considering an alternate reality, while the second questions why the current one isn’t satisfactory.

— for you, my beloved angel.

they say that love is like two birds, they fly together, side by side, feeling like nothing could ever tear them apart. But sometimes, life has other plans, a bad one or a much better one. Sometimes those birds have to fly in a opposite direction, even if it means they have to be away from each other.

those birds are just like us, you and me. no matter how we forced ourselves to be together again, to be on each other’s side again, to create more happy memories. universe will always find its ways to make us remember that everything is just temporary and that it has its own different plans for us. it feels like we’re being forced to fly in a different direction.

you keep telling me “maybe in another universe — “ and i kept repeating “why not this one?” why not this universe where dreams are not just fleeting fantasies, why not this universe where we can rewrite our own lives and path, why not this universe where we can make the impossible becomes possible, why not here? in our own reality.

if only i had the ability to rewind the time just so i can say the words i wish i had said to you. i would just simply say “i’m proud of you that you fought hard, that even if you yourself are struggling, you still manage to think of me, to worry about me, when you yourself is already so sick that i wish i could just take away all your pain and hardness and transfer it to me instead. you were a fighter, you fought for us, for me, for your family and friends. that you did your best and it’s not your fault that our paths can’t intertwine, it’s not your fault that a relentless disease has cast itself upon you.” these were the words i wish i had said to you before seeing the erratic, jagged lines on the ECG monitor gradually smooth out in a steady line. That was when i knew that the universe will always do whatever it takes just to remind us that everything is temporary. lovely yet temporary.

Maybe in another universe? i hope so too. Why not this one? i don’t have the answers but i do know one thing is that i love you with my whole heart.

p.s: i still wait for you, even if it means on the other side

With love, always.

— ☆ ★

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