How important is your posture. Always have good posture, | by Chehan Robert | May, 2024

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Always have good posture,

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Lets, Talk about posture, Many people these days have pure posture, And what I want to tell you in this article is, If you just fix your posture it is going to make a significant improvement in your life.

So here is a quick story,

So I was in a class, And the way I was leaning forward was not the right way, so I fixed my posture, Spine straight, shoulders behind and face forward.

Which way do you think got me more focused, It is when I fixed my posture, So you can see that the body and mind is connected, once I fixed my posture my mind got focused.

So don’t you think if you walk around like you own the place, and sit like a soldier with good posture it will better your life, No wonder the back is a power of strength anyway.

And your posture is linked to your confidence, And how other people judge you, So if you want a confidence booster fix your posture. ,If your posture is great you will feel great. And if your posture is weak I recomend you to do pull up variations, Or do dead hangs.

Final Thoughts

Everything in life is connected, So by simply fixing your posture you will see the difference, This article is a reminder to be mindful of how you carry yourself around.

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