Believe in Yourself. For all 20 years of my life, I’ve lived… | by Scribble of Thoughts | Apr, 2024

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I want to take the leap of faith and follow what it is that I may want (which I’m not even sure is what I really want), but I don’t have faith in myself.

But just now as I was scrolling on Instgram Reels, I came across a video of Bob Ross (yes, the Bob Ross) saying:

“believing in yourself is the most important thing in life… you can do anything. And if anyone challenges that, you tell them Bob said you can do anything.”

Image from CNN

Maybe it’s the way Bob said it or the very calming and magical voice of Bob that made it so convincing…

But, he’s right.

Let’s all trust Bob and believe in ourselves. Believe that we can do anything we set our heart and mind on.

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