Thoughts on growing in an organizational job | by Hadeel Sharaf | Apr, 2024

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Growth in a career is not an easy journey. The effort required for improving oneself is massive. Intelligence is one factor, but it needs to be supported by other emotional and social skills. Marketing your skills to a superior who can help you get a promotion can be helpful, but it requires gaining and improving the skills you need to advertise. Learning new skills for your career is one thing, and mastering them is another. You will not get recommended for a position just by connecting. Proving your worth will strengthen your position, and your connection will gain trust in their choice of people to recommend.

Growing into positions requires continuous learning efforts. If your current job doesn’t provide you any time to read about your field and the areas supporting it, then there is a major red flag here. A job that doesn’t enable your improvement is a very dangerous thing, soon your own skills’ market value will go down.

Competitive environments can provide motivation for improvement for a limited time, but depending on the competition to win is a win for the short term, followed by a burnout. That’s what makes a steady environment with healthy levels of competition more preferred to others.

Knowing when it’s your time to shine and when you also need to be an observer and a listener is important. Your manager will tell you directly and indirectly how things should be done and how to report progress the right way.

Observing will help you know which approach you should take to ask for a raise or a promotion. This type of observation will require that you impove your EQ; knowing how you affect your manager , your colleagues or your clients will help you read between the lines and will help you know when and how to take actions.

Seeking feedback is vital but, imagine you ask your manager for a feedback after hearing bad news in the department about budget cuts; the timing is horrible, the feedback you will get will be tougher than what can be provided during a better time.

Learning new and different things will ensure your uniqueness. Let’s see an example: when all the employees of a department read the same book as an assignment then, similarities in the skills will be likely high. And don’t get me wrong here, I am not against the planned learning company policies as much as I am against the concept of cloning set of skills. Yes, you should follow your organisational development guidelines but also have a window for keeping your own signature as it will make your output unique.

Don’t be a clone, read more. Know what is required for your job and learn how to be unique and creative.

Listen more, and calculate the right time to ask or suggest. And remember, the first one to talk in a heated discussion is the one who will be criticized more, unless you are prepared to respond to the public criticism.

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One final thought: The healthiness of work environments varies across cultures and values, and defining what you can handle and what is your tolerance level to toxic atmosphere will help you maintain your productivity. As long as you can find some joy and add value in your work then you are already providing yourself and your workplace with a good output.

Good luck with your growing journey!

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