Reality of Discipline and Modern Slave Mindset | by Haydar | Apr, 2024

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Reality of Discipline and Modern Slave Mindset

No one knows how to become a disciplined person from a lazy established character.

Even the people who accomplished this process is not giving enough insight about this process.

So everyone stuck in this situation:

– You need to be disciplined!

+ How?

– By doing the hard work.

+ I can’t do the hard work bro. I’m not used to it.

– sO yOu’rE bOrN tO LoSe mY fRiEnd…

+ bruh…

The discipline is about character and habits that affecting heavily the motivation system of brain.

Motivation system always calculating the available options in a particular situation of environment and mental state.

Habits and character makes boring tasks available.

While person has tons of toxic habits and has no work habit; it’s impossible to him to be disciplined.

Because motivation system is going to targeted to the most stimulating and easy available option.

On top of it, he’s used to do these extremely stimulating bad habits for a long time.

The chart of the lazy person’s motivation system is like this:

The chart of the disciplined person’s motivation system is like this:

Accept your current character and habits/lifestyle that has established and created in your childhood by your environment.

Being a loser and lazy person in your early adulthood (18–25) is not a big deal. You have JUST gained your human rights buddy…

Before adulthood, everyone HAVE TO follow the orders of parents, society, school etc. You have to listen to other adults to shape your character.

Unfortunately they’ve done a terrible job and now we have a terrible character that fails to accomplish a disciplined lifestyle.

Your failure is not your fault at this moment. Relax and focus on reconstructing your character by yourself. For the greatness…

People making a deadly mistake by labeling others or themselves as “Loser”, “Lazy”, “Hard Working”, “Successful”, “Clever” etc…

These labels are just illusions and faulty self-fulfilling prophecies.

An 18 years old young man failed at his university entrance exam. This failure is completely acceptable and there is no problem. This failure is caused by faulty character traits of this young man. And these traits caused by his upbringing.

Meanwhile all the people behave like this is a irreversible mistake that defines a person’s whole life and future of his character.

People LOVE to take pre-made things and ignore other potentials.

Are you already a disciplined person? Yes? Amazing!

No? I have no time to help you to change your character.

Also usually, no one changes after their character established in their childhood.

They are usually right. I can’t blame them. But this attitude creates a feedback loop that preventing this change to happen and creates hopelessness/slavery.

The truth is every person can reconstruct their character with Systematic Self Management.

The most important thing is Motivation System.

Brain’s time-proven motivation system always calculating the available options in your current position.

It’s an animal system and focused on short-term gratification.

Our brain is programmed to quit long-term goals as soon as it founds short-term pleasure…

This mechanism has worked very well for millions of years. Until The Agricultural Revolution, Industrial Revolution and The Age of Internet happens…

This mechanism has become more a trap by every new progress of civilization.

We need to think and act on long-term, delayed gratification, systematic plans. Especially in modern time.

For doing this, we have to modify our motivation system.

We are going to use its short-term calculation mechanism (blind shark) to our benefit with changing how motivation system perceive stimulation levels of things.

Our goal is:

1- Destroy Toxic Habits

2- Replace Them with Leverage, Stacked, Hard Working Habits

Factors That Determining Motivation System’s Calculation

1- Dopaminergic Nature of The Event

2- Difficulty to Obtain / Environment

3- Habitual or Not

4- Mindset — Self-Image

1- Dopaminergic Nature: We can’t make reading a book dopaminergic as much as playing video games.

But we should understand that: We can’t make Motivation System targeted to reading book while there are hyper dopaminergic things available like video games, social media etc…

2- Environment: This part is extremely important for our control. People always talking only about importance of inner strength. While environment is vital to create this inner strength (habit/character).

If you’re bad at working at home. This means your motivation system finds more stimulating available things in your current position and mindset.

Don’t try more to work at home. You have also established toxic habits at home waiting for you. Working in this environment is like growing a tree in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

It’s nearly impossible to get your work done and build new habits in this type of environment.

Change your environment and go to a cafe for working. This way, you’re going to accomplish your work by changing the calculation and also you’re going to be able to stay away from toxic habits and replace them.

3- Habitual or Not: Brain wants to be automatic and do what it always does for saving energy. As we transform a behavior to a habit, our brain establishes strong connections for this behavior. Electricity tends to pass through that path in the brain. You even feel bad when electricity doesn’t pass through this frequently used path.

For the Motivation System’s calculation, this is a nuclear power. When you transform a behavior to a habit, its effect multiplies.

Example: You’re staying inside of your house most of the time. Your Motivation System’s calculation is like this:

It sees “walking” as a tiny bit of stimulation. Not even attempting to calculate.

In the other hand, let’s say you started to walk for hours at this summer and you’ve turned it into a habit. Now you’re walking everyday for hours…

Let’s look at the Motivation System’s calculation now:

As you can see, “Walking” event has been increased from 30 to 900… 30 times more stimulation because of being habitual.

Habits, especially stacked habits are really powerful and vital.

4- Mindset — Self-Image : Our state of mind is affecting the calculation heavily. If not working hard is going to hurt your EGO/Self-Image, the stimulation levels of laziness events are going to decrease significantly.

If you visualize and feel the short-term satisfaction that you’re going to get from your current work event, the stimulation level is going to increase significantly.

Also if you focus on good sides of work; see it as simple and easy, your work event’s stimulation level is going to increase.

– EGO/Self-Image

– Visualization of Short-Term Gratification

Make it easier not harder for your transformation.

“I don’t think about how to be successful at a job; I think about what would prevent that work. Once I remove the obstacles, the work will run on its own.”

– Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Our job as consciousness is to detect leverage points, intervene and create the optimal environment for transformation of our character.

Toxic environment and toxic habits/traits has been outnumbered you for a long time and pulled you back from your goals and dreams.

Remove the obstacles from your environment. Accept the fact that this war is not equal.

You vs Your Established Character + Social Media Companies, Phone, Friends, Video Games, CornHub, Cigarettes, Alcohol etc…

You can not win this battle with brute force. You need to be the sly fox.


You’re struggling with waking up early.

What are you doing?

– Set alarm.

– Sleep.

– Hear alarm and get up.

– Close the alarm and go back to sleep until evening…


“Why am I like this? What is wrong with me? Why why why…”

This is not a coincidence. You’ve been waking up late for a long time.

Your Motivation System is calculating and the result is: Continue to sleep.

As you come to this point, let me tell you the unknown secret: You have no control upon your actions like you think.

Your master is your Motivation System.

It’s going to calculate with its primitive calculator and select a target.

Then it’s going to bombard you heavily with emotions.

Emotions are going to surround your consciousness and create a mood.

Mood is going to convince your consciousness to do the selected target event no matter how hard you try.

As you can understand, just because you can raise your hand with your own will doesn’t mean that you have free will.

You’re a deterministic creature in the control of primitive algorithms like every other animal. Just with one exception: Prefrontal Cortex. But it’s an underdog against embedded natural algorithms, established faulty character, toxic habits, toxic environment…

Whatever, let’s get back to our example of waking up…

The solution that I found to this problem is like this:

– Mentally prepare with setting a rule:

Even if you need sleep so much, when alarm rings you can’t sleep or touch the bed for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes you can sleep or make your bed.

In these 15 minutes, you are going to wash your face and sit right there and wait.

-Set alarm.

– Put phone away from bed so I have to get up.

– Put a note on phone that says “Don’t go back to bed. Go to bathroom and wash your face.”

– Put an another note near bed that says “If you sleep, forget the exciting basketball game”.

– Sleep

– Hear alarm and get up.

– Walk to the alarm and see the notes.

– Go to bathroom and wash your face. Sit down to chair for 15 minutes. Now you’re awake. Sleep goes away…

Use everything to defeat the wrong calculation. Do you understand?

You need a brain that solves every problem actively for your unique success; not a brain that solves every problem actively for your unique devastation. Do you understand?

Motivation System Calculation -> Target Selection -> Mood & Persuasion -> Motivation Towards Target.

Now you know what’s going on. It’s up to you to understand.

This is the secret of the human existence. Thank you very much.

I’m transforming my own character right now. So I can fully understand what’s going on here (obviously not fully but I can relate to both sides). I think most of the successful people can’t relate to lazy people. I can. I can relate, and understand that change is possible. We are all gonna make it brah…

Haydar Taşdan

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