NOT INTELLIGENCE …. Photo by James Lee on Unsplash | by Dr Joseph | Apr, 2024

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Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

Not intelligence..
Lin-chi was siting on the river bank
when a philosopher approached him,
bowed, and asked:
“What is the essence of your teaching?”
Lin-chi looked at him and didn’t say a
The philosopher thought to himself,
“He is very old and probably hard of
hearing. So he shouted, “It seems you can’t hear me! I am asking, what is the essence of your message?’
Lin-chi laughed,
‘Something strange,” thought the
philosopher. “At frst, he didn’t answer
now he’s laughing! Maybe he’s just
pretending to have heard me? But since he didn’t answer my question, he must not have heard anything.’
And then the scholar shouted even
louder, “I am asking, what is the essence of your teaching?”
Lin-chi calmly said, “At frst, I
rnswered with silence. But you couldn’ tunderstand that, so I had to descend
a bit lower. I said laughter and joy. But you couldn’t even understand that
Therefore, I have to go even lower.” And he wrote the word “meditation” with his finger on the sand, saying, “This is my teaching.
The scholar asked, ” Could you clarify
your thought and make it more clear?”
Then Lin-chi wrote “MEDITATION” in
larger letters on the sand
The philosopher became increasingly irritated and asked, “Are you Joking? you to clarify and detail your thought, and you write the same thing in larger letters. I am a professor of philosophy!”
“Why didn’t you say so earlier!”
exclaimed Lin-chi and wrote, “NO
UNDERSTANDING.’ The professor hit
himself on the head and left without
even saying goodbye

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