You don’t have to understand the book, just enjoy it. | by Quatz | Apr, 2024

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You don’t have to understand the book, just enjoy it.

All right I love reading books and I read a lot of books but sometime I endup just procrastinating to read the book or in worse I don’t read the book at all and the book will endup being in corner of your room.

This might be the current condition many of you.

Here a quick tip to understand and enjoy the book.

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1.Be a learner not a reader. Many people just open the book and read it and endup understanding nothing.view your self as a learner that wants to learn from the book not just to read the words inside the book.

2.keep gaps- many people commite to them self I will study this particular book for straight a month or year but we simply can’t because our brains need rest to get energy to read the book further. put 2–3 days rest days between reading book to read book for long time.

3.Dont take the burden to learn all whole the books. many people take this burden and endup understanding nothing from the books and understand that you should have a goal to learn Importance things not whole book.Not needed to learn the book word to word just needed to understand the main points of book.

So to conclude this article

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