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Starting #just start experience to hunt for a job in oil n gas and petroleum sector. The “Just Start” method is an effective method of thinking that gives you the courage and motivation to launch your job search. You’ll put yourself in the best possible position to succeed in your job hunt by choosing action over perfection, establishing reasonable goals, and gaining momentum via persistent work. So, why do you hesitate? Today, take the initial step in your job search and observe how it picks up speed and momentum. Recall that a thousand miles start with a single step, so why not take it right now?

The goal:

As a student of chemical engineering Goal is to get a dream job in oil n gas and petroleum sector as a trainee engineer using smart goals which will help me track my growth while looking for a job.

Why this goal:

As a final year student of chemical engineering i need to apply the my knowledge that i learned through these years i need a practical field which is in my field known as industry. And secondly to be fianancialy independent and to support my family i need a job. This is time to start a job hunt to meet my both personal and professional goals.

Past challenges:

In past it was really difficult to think where should i start and what should i do regarding my carrier.Lack of motivation was key challenge to achieve this goal.

Experience completing these tasks during the week:

It was both exciting and challenging for me during completion of these tasks searching for a group where i can enhance my knowledge about the field and apply for a group and then wait for your application to be accepted. Then look for the material which i can used for my goals. By staying focused on goals, embracing challenges, and maintaining a positive attitude, I was able to navigate obstacles and achieve the goals.

Joined groups in different platforms

The challenges that you faced this time:

The challenge i have faced this week that was time management where Time Management: Balancing work commitments with personal responsibilities was a recurring challenge throughout the week. With a busy schedule and competing priorities, I had to carefully manage my time to ensure that I met deadlines and fulfilled obligations both at work and at home. Writing blog is not an easy task it was my first time it took alot of time to think for each thing seperately.

Learned from this experience:

One thing i learned from this was time management and second thing is that self discipline is key to productivity. By working on smart goals i can achieve a big target .

Next steps:

Next step is to build my communication skills that will help me in interview and build my CV good enough to create a positive impact on interviewer.

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