4 Virtues That Will Make You Rich | by In Search For Herculean Power | Apr, 2024

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How Stoicism Leads to A Better Life

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The Stoics believed in focusing on what’s within your control. By spending your energy practising Wisdom, Courage, Temperance, and Justice, riches will follow.

By ‘riches’ I don’t mean the ways to make money quickly, but the richness of one’s life — a better life.

One that has a ‘good life’ is far wealthier than you, not because they have physical wealth but because they love their life — they enjoy it and choose to not let outside events harm them. They are the masters of their life and choose how to act in it. This leads to their wealth.

Does this not sound like a good life?

Although, I do think that the Stoic Virtues can help make you rich. If you are virtuous and glisten like a God, then you shall be showered with riches:

The investor is wise. He cultivates long-term wealth with a disciplined mind. Through Wisdom, he has an understanding of economic principles and a discerning eye for sound investments. With Justice, he aligns his values with ethical practices. Plus the pursuit of profit is for not just himself but for society — he does something with it to better the whole. Courage helps him to hold firm when the market sways. He is not misguided by silly tricks. Lastly, his greed is controlled…

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