7 Ways Mentally Strong People Get Back Up After Failure | by Tarek Rakhiess | ILLUMINATION | Apr, 2024

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7 Ways Mentally Strong People Get Back Up After Failure
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Setbacks and failures are part and parcel of human life. Whether we like it or not, we must face them daily. How do we cope? Variously. Psychology Today reports on research that suggests that mentally strong people have certain traits that make them better equipped to bounce back from failure.

Such a trait is, for example, emotional maturity. According to experts, it is crucial for mental strength and resilience, because it allows a person to see reality as it is.

Conversely, emotionally immature people tend not to accept reality and instead rewrite uncomfortable facts to fit their previous way of thinking better.

On the other hand, mentally strong people accept the consequences of their choices, including the ability to move on.

Such innate traits can certainly help. But everyone can boost their resilience in difficult times by using some strategies based on the following seven things mentally strong people do:

They understand that everyone experiences obstacles and “failures” — divorce, losing their job, etc. — and that it’s just part of life.

An element of “failure” or failure is expected every time you take a risk and step…

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