The Rise of ‘Bed Rotting’. Exploring the Troubling Trend of… | by Timothy Watson | Apr, 2024

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Exploring the Troubling Trend of Spending Excessive Time in Bed and Its Impact on Mental Health

Recently, a controversial trend has attracted the minds of Gen Z, making it the talk of the town — or rather, the chatter of the internet. It is called “bed rotting,” and yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. Picture this: endless hours under the covers, armed with nothing but a smartphone and the remote, occasionally drifting into a state of doing absolutely zilch. Some hail it as the pinnacle of self-care, while others can’t help but raise an eyebrow, wondering if we’re flirting with a mental health faux pas.

The Case for Bed Rotting: An Ode to Doing Nothing

At first glance, “bed rotting” struck a chord with me. Think about it. In a world that never hits the pause button, where our brains are perpetually bombarded with information, isn’t the idea of playing hooky from life for a bit…tempting? “Finally,” says a voice from the bed rotting fan club, “a self-care trend that acknowledges the need to just stop and breathe.” And it’s not just them talking; there’s a heap of research backing the notion that taking a breather from our non-stop lifestyle is a boon for our mental health. Moderation, though, is the secret ingredient here.

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