Declutter Your Way to Success: The Impact of a Clean and Clear Table on Your Productivity | by Ann Skip ???? | Apr, 2024

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It’s not just about clearing your desk. It’s about clearing your mind for more important things too

If possible, I will eat, have sex and sleep on my computer table????

I used to have a messy table and workspace. When I say messy, I mean like JURASSIC PARK messy ????

Now, my mission is to always have a clean and clear desk. It’s a liberating feeling. It calms me, and it gives me a high at the same time.

There was a saying:

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.

BUT for me

“Give me a clean and clear table and a high-performance computer I will conquer and hack the world”????

Image by Ann Skip ????

The secret of an immaculate table? Set up a system and drill it into your brain like it’s your favorite song stuck on repeat. Otherwise, it’s like trying to teach a five-year-old to clean their toy corner— you’ll tidy up and boom. It’s back to square one, messier than ever.

Go get your basket bin and organizers and off we go!

????Declutter: Start by removing all unnecessary items from your desk. Keep only essential items that you use frequently or that contribute to your productivity. Store or discard items that are no longer needed or used.

I have a phone, a laptop, a desktop, a keyboard, a mouse, a smart lamp, a tablet, a pen and flag holder, a frame, one sticky notepad, and just 2 very important notebooks. I want to get a plant soon. I guess that’s all I need.

????Organize: Establish a system for organizing the remaining items on your desk. Use containers, trays, or drawers to categorize and store items such as pens, papers, stationery, and electronic devices. Keep frequently used items within reach and designate specific areas for different types of tasks or materials.

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