Treat stress like a bad habit and watch your health improve immediately. | by Tim | Apr, 2024

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It took me until the age of 45 to learn this, but it has changed my life. And I’m not fluffing that sentence.

How many times have you started a diet, and/or routine to start exercising and, within one or two days of commencing it, just felt like shit? You replaced all the fried food, snacks and soft drinks, with vegetables, juices and fruit and you simply feel worse than before. Perhaps you’ve even fallen ill. Or perhaps you commenced a plan to quit smoking or excessive alcohol and similarly felt horrible within a day or so of doing so.

Now, anyone and everyone who deals in or serves advice on almost any form of self-improvement will likely say, “You’ll feel worse for a days or weeks while your body gets used to it, but you’ll soon start feeling great!” And they’re completely right.

However, why, if we suddenly eliminate something bad for us and replace it with something good for us, do we feel worse?

The answer, as I’m sure you’ve already said to yourself, is “The body’s in a form of shock from sudden change and needs time to adapt.” This, of course, is also correct. But this is also the biggest clue and a flashing red light highlighting something we pay little attention to. The ‘shock’ from sudden change is essentially stress. You’ve introduced a stress within your body, albeit with good intentions, and the body is dealing with that stress and needs to cope with it. Obviously, in this case, the stress is worthy…

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