The Job Market Sucks. So, if the job market stinks, the pay… | by Kevin Cook | Apr, 2024

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So, if the job market stinks, the pay is low, and bosses are unbearable… why not start working on a business while still at your job?

I worked in emergency services for 10 years, earning a modest $31k, which definitely wasn’t ideal. Despite the standard annual raises of 2–5%, I was often broke as a joke.

My life took a turn for the better when I started a service business on the side. That extra cash made my salary seem more bearable. Yes, it meant more work, more challenges, and more responsibilities, but it also meant my bills were paid, and my child’s daycare was covered.

My dayjob improved gradually with hard work, but my side business grew even faster the more effort I put into it. Eventually, I left my job to focus on my business full-time, and I’ve never looked back.

Sure, it was tough. There were days I wanted to quit, which was no different feeling from my job.

But isn’t it worth trying to start your own thing?

If it’s going to suck anyway, isn’t it worth covering some ground while it sucks in the first place?

The job market has sucked since the beginning of time.

Starting a side hustle and working double time has been the case for getting ahead since the beginning of time.

WHY NOT GET PAID FOR THE PAIN? We gotta go through it anyway.

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