Pour Some Water On This Drowning Man | by Blake Shields | Apr, 2024

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Choosing my new crazy in a mad world

Photo by Fulvio Ciccolo on Unsplash

Fear mongering everywhere you look.

People divided more than ever.

Cost of living higher than my former Saturday nights.

The world has gone mad — maybe we need to get a little crazy too?

Photo by Sangria Señorial on Unsplash

I used to run to alcohol to hide from the inevitable changes. Drown my sorrows with every sip.

Now, I run until I collapse.

I loved feeling a buzz and escaping the world but my escape route is different now.

Instead of dancing with the devil of addiction, I choose to dance with myself.

I’ll scream like a Banshee with the volume of my voice on max before I open the door to a toxic place I don’t belong anymore.

Photo by Mark Stoop on Unsplash

The sun doesn’t shine like it used to.

My heart doesn’t beat in rhythm anymore.

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