How Healthy is Your Intellectual Wellness? | by Rosa Diaz-Casal | ILLUMINATION | Apr, 2024

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There’s an area of wellness that is often overlooked; intellectual wellness is vital to feed our curiosity, sharpen our minds, and enhance our lives. In this area, we experience immense personal growth by learning and stimulating our minds.

Of course, it consists of some areas of mental well-being as all areas of wellness intersect. From the books we read to the conversations we have, every part of our intellectual encounters plays an important part in shaping the way we view the world, our decision-making skills and overall satisfaction with life.

So how can you enhance your intellectual wellness?

Intellectual wellness, sometimes called ‘intellectual health’ consists of creative hobbies, academic success, asking for help to learn more and creating a self-identity. It isn’t necessarily about academic learning. It extends beyond the classroom. It’s about your critical thinking skills and even your creativity.

Your intellectual health can help accelerate your personal growth and understanding of the world and help you engage with those around you.

You can set ‘intellectual goals’. They can be quite simple, nothing over-the-top, including reading one book a month, learning a new language, taking a class for something interesting or improving your creative abilities through writing.

What do you love to do? What are you interested in? These can be good starting points.

If you’re looking to improve your intellectual wellness you can look for novel experiences. This can be a new career path or learning a new skill. We all have seen different hobbies that we would like to try but never do.

You can play a board game or do a puzzle. This stimulates your mind in strategy, critical thinking, and getting creative. Some suggestions include Catan, Monopoly, and Risk.

Experts say that learning to manage stress is one of the key pieces of intellectual wellness. Since a lot of stress can be saved by better time management, using a calendar

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