Why family should not ‘miss’ communication? | by Manka | Apr, 2024

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If we all want to be understood, then why so much misunderstanding?

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You might have read or heard about a perfect family. Family where parents understand their children and their choices, and where children respect parents’ perspectives and obey home rules happily. ‘A happy family.’

Okay, let’s talk reality now..

Perfect family is a myth.

In a house, different family members with different mindsets co-exist. So, opinion clashes are quite natural in such a set-up.

This doesn’t mean strong family bonds do not exist. They exist. The thing is such bonds are not out of luck. Such bonds are built over the years and testing times.

Now, to make sure that family as an institution remains strong, in that case, synchronisation of different temperaments and different perspectives is required. Here, a good communication system in place comes as a saviour.

If we all want to be understood, then why so much misunderstanding?

Communication seems an easy practise. How?

Let’s say, ‘A’ had a thought. ‘A’ put that thought in words. That’s how ‘A’ told ‘B’ what he wants.

Easy-peezy, right? Not really. We all are struggling to be understood. Why we all are misunderstood, or we misunderstand?

The catch– Communication completes when ‘B’ receives A’s message.

Wait, here is a plot twist– Communication always happens on the terms of a recipient. What does it mean?

It means ‘A’ said what he wants. Now ‘A’ assumes ‘B’ will understand his intentions. Simple and clear. NO, NO.

It is not that easy because of how ‘B’ will process and interpret A’s words, totally depends upon B’s experiences and life perspective.

Therefore, in communication, the recipient always has a higher hand.

The feeling of not being understood, which further, through a spiral effect, complicates relationships and leads to fights and emotional differences, has a psychological explanation to it.

That’s why two people who hold the intention to be together and in love, sometimes get caught up in the exchange of words. No one is at fault.

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