I STOP Procrastination, Once I learn these 11 Productivity hacks | by Singh Bhai | Apr, 2024

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Ah, procrastination — the eternal foe of productivity. Scrolling mindlessly through social media or binge-watching Netflix when we should be tackling that looming project.

I’ve found a treasure trove of productivity hacks that will have you slaying tasks left and right.

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  • Parkinson’s Law: Work expands to fill available time — set shorter deadlines.
  • Eisenhower Matrix: Prioritize tasks by urgency and importance.
  • Getting Things Done (GTD): 5-step process to declutter your mind.
  • Task Batching: Group similar tasks together for focused productivity.
  • 2-Minute Rule: If a task takes <2 mins, do it immediately.
  • Time Blocking: Divide day into blocks for dedicated tasks/activities.
  • Pickle Jar Theory: Tackle big, important tasks (“rocks”) first.
  • Pareto Principle: Focus on vital 20% of tasks for 80% impact.
  • Eat That Frog: Do the hardest task first thing in the morning.

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